QC Supermom

A mom friend for every stage in your life.



My purpose in this life, is to serve, learn, teach, share, grow, thrive, understand, advocate, and above all love. And of course, practice self care. I'm not your stereotypical supermom My suite of professional services are a direct reflection of my life journey to date. The lessons studied and learned to get me at this point to help others are backed with certifications, respectable sales records, dignified associations, locally and nationally published articles, radio shows, growing client list, requested testimonies on Capitol Hill, my lineup of community empowering events, and most importantly, my children - including the loss of my first daughter, SaMya Tiffanie at just 11 years old. Yes, it's because I have prevailed in these areas.  

Teen Mom    -                        Yes!

Depressed New Mom -             Yes! 

Underpaid and Educated Mom- Yes!

Overweight  Mom -                   Yes! 

Homeschooling Mom                Yes! (since '05) 

Soccer Mom                             Yes! (more like AAU Basketball Mom) 

No longer do I wonder why events in my life occurred.I was born Kelle Pressley, but didn't realize, QC Supermom was always inside of me as I was. planted, nurtured, placed in the darkness, sprouted,  nurtured, produced fruits and continue to  be fruitful. (okay that was a little too much from the urban horticulturist in me. But you get the point- tight?)

Here's a better look at who I am, my family of professional services, available to you, and how to connect with me.  Just throwing it out there...... I have done a few speaking appearances. If you need me, just ask. I probably want to be part of what you're doing.   

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