QC Supermom

A mom friend for every stage in your life.

Mom, Wife, Officiant, Urban Horticulturist, IRS Tax Expert and Community Advocate.

They call me the 'SEED  Producer.'

My purpose in this life, is to serve, learn, teach, grow, advocate, practice self care, and above all nurture.

 I'm not your typical supermom. My suite of professional services are a direct reflection of my life journey to date. Which are backed with wisdom from my elders, year of certifications, certified sales records, dignified associations, countless published articles, visits on Capitol Hill, my lineup of community partnerships, and most importantly, my children - including the loss of my first daughter, SaMya Tiffanie at just 11 years old. Yes, it's because I have prevailed in these areas. For these reasons, I am here to help you. Thanks for stopping in.

 I can help you grow your money, community, food, and family. 

Here's Where You'll Find Me: 

Jabela Blessings and Life Celebrant

The Pink Grasshopper Holistic Doula and Full Spectrum Training Services

 QC SuperMom

KP International Financial Services

Jabela: Marriage Officiant & Life Celebrant

HUH ( Homeschool Urban Horticulture Adventures)


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Current Projects:

Doula Training

Tax School

Homeschool Garden Workshops

BUY -  The  S..H..I.T. book  (get your digestive motor running)

               Belly casting kit     (memorialize your baby forever- together)

HERB  Healing  Bundle (choose whatevers in season $7/bundle)  OR  Buy the CBD plant alone.

 Book Kelle to speak to your group on doula service, for moms of color, parenting the student athlete, urban horticulture, 

Older Stuff:

 Black Nurses Rock

 2020 Election Poll Protection


Johnson and Wales University BS class of 1997

Momsrising Together Campaign Assistant

The Bulb Mobile Board Member

Founder of The Total Children’s WellnessFair

Founder of Family Valentines Day Party (Vegan)