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A mom friend for every stage in your life.

We are seed producers!  Our goal is to help you grow holistically. 

Ask any gardener, or farmer what they do with a seed to make it grow and you’ll get so many different methods, tricks, and rules to live by, Ultimately, they will agree that the common goal is to be fruitful in the end with a healthy harvest. Even better if it’s enough to bless others from their bounty. Sure, at times we have to pause and inspect the process along the way. But usually, it all helps us reach the ultimate goal. 

That story is the same for parents, spouses, homeschoolers, and community activists. I know these things because all of them are me. 


I’m Kelle. Some people call me “Jabela”, and that’s ok. It means the female god bringing forth positive energy.  As a mother of nine (9), military wife for well over two decades, homeschooler, urban horticulturist, and lover of life; I kinda fell into the role of a community builder. Just so happen that each of the services we offer naturally complements the other.

Queen City Stay At Home Moms

Jabela Blessings and Life Celebrant

The Pink Grasshopper Doula and Training Services

Youth Adventures in Urban Horticulture  

I believe that even in our darkest times, we are never buried. That planting season is our time to develop and prepare to pop out ready to thrive! 

QC Supermom is a family-ran service. We hire and contract work to other professional women that have the same passion we share for our clients and community. We all share the same mission. In the end, we hope that the women and families we serve today will be so inspired, that they too transition into a change maker and pay forward their gifts to the next woman in need. This is truly how we see ourselves contributing to the world.  If you haven’t worked with us yet what are you waiting for? I have worked with some really diverse national and local brands, media outlets, service providers, as well a some of the most beautiful engaged couples, sweet new families,  gorgeous expecting bellies, heart-broken bereaved families, community gardens, both physically and virtually.  I look forward to working with you too. Come on, catch this vibe. 

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                    What makes us different? We have passion, education, and LOTS of experince! 

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