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We have been a family of wellness promoters for years and the reason why is because we believe in it!

 We want to be part of the solution & here's how we do it!

Let’s face it; mom’s have what it takes to help create new products! We can help by providing honest opinions assistance on how your products could be improved.
Moms and children are the first line of defense in many product categories (i.e. baby products, food products, health and beauty products), product reviewing seems to be a natural fit for moms. In addition, numerous studies suggest that mom’s have a natural networking ability that companies are looking for to help spread the word about their products. Networking such as mom’s groups, PTA, blogs, and general circle of friends. We are offering a unique service. Reviewing products and sharing our opinions is our thing. We would love to help you promote your product, serve or event.


How We Conduct a Campaign & Do A Review:

Once we agree to your campaign, send us the product /related detailed package (including coupons to be redeemed locally for the product) the more product info the better.
After I receive the product,or visiting instruction,I will be ready to conduct your campaign. There are four parts to the campaign:
  1. Use the product!  Whomever it's targeted to will use it in the manner in which it was intended.
  2. Formulate an opinion about the product. We will tell you how we like it? How did it work for e or/my family? Was it easy to use? Would I buy it with our own money?
  3. Tell others about the product. There are many ways to tell others about the products. For example general conversation in my groups of friends, via emailing, online social network sites (Twitter, Facebook) and blogging. It will be honest and includes our opinions.Including as much product information as I can. If we love the product,we'll tell exactly what makes us love it. If we are provided incentives (coupons) to hand out to our friends, we'll be sure to do that with our dialogue. After all, I know my friends are forming opinions about this product based on our usage.
  4. Report our findings. As a blogger,I will post the review on my blog and then send the link to  you.

What we Expect From our partners 

Reward your reviewer (s)! We enjoy the perks of trading off  our time and effort. Here are some examples of what we accept as a reward for completing your reviews:
  • Free products! Of course we’ll be testing your products. Because reviews of you product, we expect full-sized products.
  • Free access to your event. We can come out and bring a few friends along to share in the experience. We are able to occupy locations with a 1-3 week notice.
  • Coupons for us and our stay at home mothers. This is a tool to further promote your  service/product with incentives This is quick and easy marketing for them and helps us tell others about your products!
  • If you want to park your banner on one of our growing social pages, just PayPal us $25.00 per month and we'll get right on it.