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Hello Friends. I say this all of the time. "My Life is NOT separate of My Work." Here in Charlotte, we have a very healthy and busy life that I absolutely love. Sure it gets very hectic at times. And I have to get a little help from my  village but everything always falls back inline as it should. I noticed that pattern years ago and it taught me to never worry. When things get tightly binded, I think of it like a puzzle and try my best to slow myself down long enough to pull the pieces apart and place them back together perfectly. It works every time! Now that my daughters are getting older, I have more resourceful apprentices. Now members of my staff can run more errands for our family business:


  • Non Denominational Ministry
  • Full Service Doula 
  • Urban Horticulture / Community Gardening
  • Community Activism
  • Tax Preparation (PTin certified Ya'll! ;*)
  • Homeschool Co-op Teacher 


 Right now, two of our sons are playing on traveling AAU basketball teams and I can't imagine how expensive that's going to be. Let's see, there's Real ID's, passports, hotels, transportation, food, entry fees, and others expenses- times two players that I will be covering.  Since I have no plans of sending either of them out of town without me or having them miss out on their games I have came up with a plan. "Mom's Financial Literacy 101!"  It's my first e-book for financial literacy! It was designed for homeschoolers aged seven and up. The information inside has been used to help over 1300 scholars, which is why, I'm super confident you will find great resources inside too! I still use many of the strategies on my children, and clients today. And the best part is, you can get it with a donation! This IS what I call a win- win opportunity. 

Please click here to get your e-book and make a donation today to help keep these guys on the road to a bright future. - Thanks in advance!  


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