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I attract moms that want to do, be, and learn more! I can help you, help them, while helping yourself! Makes sense right? 

It goes like this: Brand A finds me, they like me, they contact me and we become friends. Opportunity comes up, they offer me an opportunity to be apart of it's growth, I evaluate and I take it or leave it.

As my Queen City Stay At Home Moms community continues to grow, I have even a greater responsibility to work with brands that will benefit my community and with whom I can stay true to myself.

I love starting word of mouth marketing. Writing and exploring motherhood  for you. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that you’ve tried and loved one of my home school or cooking tips, that you can relate to my parenting struggles or that I’ve inspired you in anyway.

I work full time at Queen City SAHM and QC Supermom. My children and I attend at least 3 events a week. I write for a few parenting resources, including Moms-rising, develop recipes for my Cooking With Kids Class… all on a personal deadline. So when brands approach me to write this whole long post in exchange for a box of cereal, I’m sorry but I say no. I do charitable work but I don’t work for free. Though that’s enough for me in theory, in reality I’m ready to accept support from brands that I use and that I choose.

How it works:
From time to time I will write about products that I love that I find either on my own or through brands that reach out to me via email, on Twitter and the TheQC Supermom Facebook page.

Any post that is part of a sponsorship arrangement will be disclosed at the bottom of the post. I’m not going to deceive anyone or pretend a post is not sponsored but I love the product. That said, just because I mention a brand or product, the post is not always sponsored. If the post is sponsored, it will be disclosed. 


  • only work with brands on which I do research.
  • only work with brands that offer me and my family value and that I believe can do the same for you and your family
  • only pass along products on which I, too, am willing to spend money.
  • and, most importantly, only work with brands that make quality food/ingredients or offer family friendly events


  • work for just any brand that pays.
  • place annoying ads on this website that pay per click
  • sell you anything over the email list on on a post

Are you wondering why on earth I’m telling you this? Two reasons. If you are a loyal follower of my personal blog, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Facebook page (The QC Supermom), you  know that I value our trust and relationship. If you are a brand, I take my professional work, this blog and my relationship with my readers very seriously. They value my opinion and trust me. Finally, writing takes time. Time that I am not spending working on my company or other paid projects and most importantly, with my family. If you want me to consider your product my time is valuable.


1. What brands will I work with?

I welcome any brand that supports motherhood. It could be as simple as a bike shop to as diverse as a live show. I have done many in the past and I am open to new opportunities. 

2. You are always talking about “fresh being best” and cooking healthy food. How does this impact how you select which brands to work with? 

Wow, you know me well. I talk about fresh food for my family, yours and the hundreds of parents that are in the QCSAHM community – all.the.time.   I am also a real mom who knows that life is to be enjoyed and treats are consumed in moderation. I never pretend to be perfect at the food thing and certainly my kids enjoy treats from time to time.

That said, the number of food brands I’m willing to consider will be limited compared to other bloggers and websites.  I don’t buy sodas, sports drinks,  flavored chips, boxed dinners, helper boxes, foods that contain nitrates and any type of phosphates. I make a lot of things from scratch and if I need a dictionary to understand the product’s ingredient list… it’s probably not going to happen. (So Mr. Monsanto, beware!)

3. What about press releases, product information and things sent from the PR agencies?

No, no and no. If I don’t use the product, or never have in the past, it means that I don’t have a real story to tell you. Since I’m terrible at writing fiction, any story I have to make up or pretend I was there… will not be good.

Instead of cutting and pasting information sent by a PR agency you might see an outside link. When I review a product or tell you a story, it should be enough. Therefore, if you want the information you’d find on their site or press release you need to click on it and read it outside of my blog.

Sometimes, the posts are checked by the brand to ensure facts and accuracy but I will never, publish a post “doctored-up” and “edited” by someone else. I’m the one that hits the “publish” button.

Final note:

If you are a brand and would like additional information on my reach, please email me directly.  mailto:QCSupermominfo@gmail.com

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